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Denish Canogura is a Ugandan radio presenter, musician, poet, graphics designer, producer, author, publisher and promoter based in Kitgum.

Canogura, 22, is gaining popularity for his inspirational lyrics set to music he customises in the studio with the help of local producers. He is also a radio presenter working with Irene Gleeson Foundation's Mighty Fire FM.

For years, Canogura was deeply imbedded in the local music scene, with many of his friends playing in various bands. His first performance was just a spoof, something fun to do with a couple of the guys. But the high energy from being on stage and connecting with an audience was enough to get him hooked. Growing up, Canogura was a fan of classic hip hop. “I like to bring my favourite elements of that old style into the music I’m making today,” says Canogura, who graduated from the East African School of Journalism in Nairobi with a bachelor of mass communication.

Canogura’s lyrics are inspired by the internalised struggles he and friends faced while growing up in Northern Uganda. Challenges such as depression, feelings of isolation, an inability to find direction and witnessing friends’ addictions and family problems all contribute to his work. But through it all, one thing remained strong: his faith. Canogura practices the Straight Edge lifestyle, which is devoid of alcohol and substance use.


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