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Daniel kabisa is gifted folk jazz Musician, a prolific bassist with complimenting vocals and resting skills. With Root from DRC congo. The Nairobi besed artist has an experience as a professional live performer artist. Daniel kabisa start his musical journey in church back in Congo where he was first exposed to live instruments and a deep passion for music grew in him pushing everyone around him away since they did not see any potential in music as a career. Daniel kabisa's drive was unconditional and when the opportunity came to join NDARO CULTURE to learn Music he did not think twice. He would spend countless hours rehearsing and perfecting his art for 3years. In 2017 Daniel kabisa moved to Burundi teaching and playing Bass for one year. This experience immensely enhanced his scope of sound and by the time he was returning to Congo he was composing own unique tunes with jazz structures on exotic African melodys. In 2019 Daniel kabisa moved and set base in Nairobi Kenya where he plays with Swahili jazz band to date..


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Daniel kabisa

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