Cut & Paste Generation / Kwazi Mojo Media


Established in 1994, Cut & Paste Generation and composer/sound designer Alun Richards quickly grew to be one of South Africa’s most respected and highly sought-after music composition and audio post-production facilities.

Cut & Paste Generation recently formed Kwazi Mojo Media, headed up by sought-after award-winning sound designers Sean Jefferis and Jo Darling. Kwazi Mojo focuses on specialised audio post-production, Dolby Digital and broadcast final mix arenas, freeing up Cut & Paste Generation and Alun Richards to focus on its core business of music composition and production.

On projects where Cut & Paste Generation and Kwazi Mojo handle both music and audio post, a unique synergy is formed between the creative and technical aspects of the sound track production. The two teams work together closely, crafting sound design and music in tandem, thereby producing dynamic, uncluttered soundtracks that totally engage audiences.


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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