Chali Bravo


Chali Bravo (real name Chali Mulalami), is a Zambian producer from Lusaka. He has so far discovered more than 10 Zambian artists who became the leading Zed artists between from 2004 to 2008. These artists highly contributed to the beginning of what has become the Zed Beats of today. Bravo auditioned and signed K’Millian, TY2, Crystal Shaun, Tommy D, Kanji, Namanje, Mampi, General Ozzy, CQ and the late Kas Man in 2003 and 2004. He managed to shape their careers to competitive levels.

Unlike other producers who mainly produce singles, he has released more than 10 successful albums in his first two years of producing music on a commercial basis. He learned some production tricks from TK when the two worked together at Nexus 13 years ago. His experience as a producer saw him launching a music studio called David Sling Studio which later came to be called Sling Beats. Chali is known for producing RnB hits which are defined by unique bass guitars and strings. Songs produced by Bravo begin with the ‘Chachine-Chachine’ chant in their opening lines.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Chali Bravo
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