Thulani blessing ndlovu known as "CatorMfana was born on the 20th of September 1997, raised in Alexandra township. He started his music career at an earlier age and participated in recreational activities like school choirs and debates just to count a few,he became a producer for 4 years.His presents made him win medals and 2014 he used to attend free style and battled with local artists.His career of being a Hip-hop artist became 2016 he recorded three(3) demos titled 1)booty na booty 2)suit case 3)lahla lahla After his massive demo performance in Alexandra basement he then initiated a mixtape which will be launched soon. Catormfana enjoys entertaining people through rap.his lyrics educates about positive lifestyle,socio economic issues,he believes in his music to him Hip-hop is not only a genre but a lifestyle.In 2018 CatorMfana started working on a new project with his fellow member Son kaducci (Sotlha body)His favourite genre is Ama piano and Gqom also HipHop as follow.They released their first new single "Bhoboza feat lunacy and Ley's been a great year for CatorMfana. On the 14th of December 2018,CatorMfana met his smile keeper,one of the Upcoming Actress Xola Katisa Vuso,age "22".Also as a part-time student at University of Johannesburg Auckland park.The love and support through their journey is slightly common,CatorMfana is having good times with his girlfriend in their love life journey .Xola katisa Vuso ,CatorMfana's girlfriend makes him happy.She supports him,give him advices through his good and bad times.She's also passionate through her living as an Actress. On the 22nd of January 2019,CatorMfana started his own orphan age organization Product /Financial company with an assist of his fellow member Kagiso Mphahlele.It's operational is to donate,educate and creating opportunities for young talented youth to reach their goals,Providing with toiletries,helping with school funds,and also creating school tours to motivate learners who can't afford. For better no worst is helping other orphan age centres with sports activities,clothing and cultural differences .CatorMfana's ideas reminds him of how he grew up to the stage of no one will suffer with his monthly salary that he gets.He stated these words"simple as i am the thought of growing up was tough".CatorMfana is also a Currency trader which boosts him to raise funds at his company "For better no worst". Contact details.07612269744 Email Or A new Gqom banger star,"CatorMfana "from Rand west city released two singles,Kumkwabatla and Kutsaa featuring Dj_Deep_D&Mvela beats.Kumkwabatla is now one of the top local tracks in Gqom vibe pages hoping for bigger brand challenges.CatorMfana is about to open his new record label lifestyle banger records,paper work on process as his two Producers Dj deep D and Mvela beats,also from Rand west (Kagiso)will be producing new Gqom wave beats.


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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Thulani blessing

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