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Omondi Orony, also known as “Buya Marach” was born in hilly highland of kasipul Kabondo, in his early life he developed a passion and a gift to speak for those who cannot always speak for themselves.

Unlike most writers, Omondi Orony ‘Buya Marach’ is a quiet, reserved man who is uncomfortable with public attention and the social media spotlight. And if you meet him in person, or listen to his recordings, you will understand why he possess a clear spirit.

A self-proclaimed ‘Conscious Writer’ has worked assiduously to carve his own niche in music industry and to add a new face of conscious music in Kenya.

Raised by a single mother after his father succumbed to an ill-timed death, Hip Hop became his father figure and at 13 he chose to use school as a means for him to move back to rift valley and pursue his talent.

He became a role model in his community when he started the #Bad weeds movement which helps raise awareness about humanitarian injustices in the world.

With a distinctive background, and raw passion and honesty in his music, Buya Marach has built a loyal follower that never fails to show how much his music touches their lives.

He is now producing as a way of entertaining and healing as he continues to spread the message for those whose voices cannot be heard.

He is now working with his soul brother Omondi Ochuka under their Home Made Studio Called “Bad weed”.

Yet while the current state of Hip Hop and R&B is at an artistic crossroads, suffering from lack of talent and substance, there are still those who would dare dream. There’s something special about Buya Marach.

He is both a producer and a lyricist. He’s major influences range from Jay Z, Kanye West, Mike Wudz, and Omondi Ochuka to Trabolee.

He effortlessly exudes real substance and soul, something today’s parroting hip-hop industry seems to currently be lacking. Every song seems to be driven by an inner passion.

The angle that he approaches the writing and delivering his songs is something you really felt even beyond his literal words.

The way he cares about humanity and social issues that is still plague is truly sincere. Socially conscious songs like “I am A Wonderer” are a template that defines his intelligent level.

As a producer, He has a keen ear and sense of soul with his sound. He’s able to keep his tracks sounding current while borrowing lush instrumentation from yesteryear.

Buya Marach is multi-talented inclinations range from music composition, song writing, music and video production, singing and rhyming.

His budding career has taken him from Kojwach to entire Kenya, Tanzania and back. His first release, “22” garnered critical acclaim. His latest effort, “records” shows growth in his lyricism and vocal abilities.

He is driven to make an impact on the community around him through his art. He is currently working on releasing a conscious album.

He is also finishing Ochuka’s new Ep that...


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Buya Marach


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