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African Voices is an all-male Capella singing gospel group that is composed of 12 members who are from the Kalinglinga neighborhood in Lusaka, Zambia. The group was formed in 2016 and was founded by Conrad Chitambala the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Other contributors such as Victor Banda and Pastor Anthony Moyo helped build the group’s vision and foundation.

The formation of African Voices is to preserve the integrity of traditional Zambian music. The group incorporates Zambian traditional drums to add an extra flare to their singing and performance.

The group’s mission is to reach out to the global community through their music by bringing positive impact and change to many lives around the world. Through their philanthropic endeavors, African Voices promotes unity, education, and the gospel in every community.

Band Roster 1. Louis Banda Victor | Baritone 2. Elvis Mwangala | Baritone 3. Milley Siame | Bass 4. Geofrey Banda | Bass 5. Steven Kapelembe | Bass 6. Kenny Zulu | Soprano 7. Patrick Malama Mwale | Soprano 8. Nason Phiri | Soprano 9. Conrad Chitambala | Tenor 10. Enock Banda | Tenor 11. Webster Mwanza | Tenor 12. Patrick Senti | Tenor


Live Performance Sofana Naye
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A Cappella Music - Our Father
African Voices Singing After Dinner
Bonse Abamupokekela


Live Performance Sofana Naye
Yesu Mfumu Yanga
African Voices Singing After Dinner
A Cappella Music - Mgati Suze Mutamba
A Cappella Music - Paku Oloka
Bonse Abamupokekela
A Cappella Music - Happy Day
A Cappella Music - Sofana Naye
Walking with Jesus
A Cappella Music - Our Father


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