Music has been the light of those who have struggled to find their way through life. We find ourselves jamming to a song that reminds us our loved ones or moment's that passed and had a great impact on how our individuals lives came about.

What Is Acid Pedigree

Acid Pedigree is a musical organization that defines itself as same blood when it comes to friendship simply means pure breed ( our blood is Acidic ) half human half amazing.

The organization was discovered in 2013 and established in 2014 officially as ACID PEDIGREE.

What does Acid Pedigree Do?

Not only as a musical organization Acid Pedigree has an establishment called Pedigree Lifestyle, this establishment aimed at helping orphanages & vulnerable, together with the children to uplift, give them courage and motivate their future.

How Are We Heard?

As growing organization we resort to social media and word of mouth, we find ways to promote our music in a way that we upload links on our social website we put pamphlets in the street's for people to follow us more and to spread the word of everywhere they go.

What works best for us ?

Giving people our CD's so that they listen to them and then give us compliments through social media and by giving them our projects makes them give us respect in a prestigious manner and the capability for us to work more harder and give them best music they could ever ask for, also the music that relates to our everyday living.



We released Singles


We released two hit singles that got us featured on TshwaneTV and interviewed.


We Released the mixtape titled Simple To Complex and got featured in USA by exposed vocals



We won the award.

( Catergory ) Song Of The Year

We released Singles & Collaborations


We released an Ep titled AFRICA & Singles.

Award Nominee ×2

We had radio interviews ×2


We got a feature on Tshwane Sun News Paper the story was about our Album.

We released an Ep titled Once Upon A Time.


This year we are releasing a debut Album titled Thank You Mom, About 20 Track's

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- Tshwane Fm Interview
Award Nominee For
- Song Of The Year #BumJaive GAMA AWARDS
- Best Hip Hop Artist Pheli Awards
- Best Music Group Pheli Awards

ZAPretoria, South Africa
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