Faisal Kiwewa

Mr. Kiwewa is the founding director of Bayimba Cultural Foundation. Together with a skilful team, he has worked on many projects to transform the arts scene in Uganda from a rather

static state to its current level of vibrancy. During the past years, under his guidance, Bayimba has trained, supported and created numerous platforms to celebrate the arts in Uganda. As such, Bayimba has developed into a household name among artists and professionals, not only within Uganda but also within the East African region and other corners around the world.

Through Bayimba, Mr. Kiwewa has organised a range of festivals and events, ranging from the internationally acclaimed Bayimba International Festival of the Arts – and various festivals across Uganda (between 2010 and 2015). He was instrumental in introducing the regional forum DOADOA | East African Performing Arts Market (8th editions since 2012) and the specialized Kampala International Theatre Festival (6th editions since 2014) as well as reviving and reinvigorating the Amakula International Film Festival (since 2016). He is a frequently asked to be programmer/curator, committee or jury member for various festivals and events across the continent.

Mr. Kiwewa previously served on the MIAF board between 2016 and 2018.