Adé Bantu

Adé Bantu is a Nigerian-German musician, producer and social activist. He is best known as the front man of the 13-piece band BANTU and creator of Afropolitan Vibes a monthly concert series in Lagos, Nigeria.

Born Adegoke Odukoya to a German mother and a Nigerian father in London, Adé grew up in Nigeria and Germany. While in Germany, he helped shape the emerging Hip-hop movement in the early 90’s with his bands Exponential Enjoyment & Weep Not Child. He has released a number of albums with BANTU notably “Fuji Satisfaction”, which earned him and his band two Kora Awards and “No Man Stands Alone” among others.  

Adé Bantu has produced documentaries and short films. He has also appeared on screen and was featured in Harry Belafonte's documentary film “Sing Your Song”. In 2012, he joined the panel of judges of Project Fame West Africa, a music TV reality show, where he worked until 2015. Besides music, Adé is politically active both in Nigeria and Germany. He is the founder of the now defunct chart topping Afro-German anti racism collective Brothers Keepers and its affiliated NGO Brothers Keepers e.V.

Adé Bantu has developed and executed numerous performing arts and cross-cultural projects like Framewalk and BornTroWay across Europe and Africa.